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Preciosisima Rivera Leano      

John and Preciosisima Leano
Preciosisima Ador Rivera Leano was born to Ciriaco and Jorgia Rivera on July 1, 1922 in the Visayan region of the Philippines in Borongan, Eastern Samar. Preciosisima came from a very large family that included six brothers and one sister. Being the second oldest of her parents' offspring, Preciosisima helped her mother care for the younger siblings after her father passed away at a very young age. In spite of the many challenges that her family had to overcome, Preciosisima managed to have a healthy and normal childhood. After completing her education, she became a school teacher. Little did she know that the man she would eventually marry had emigrated thousands of miles away to pursue the American dream.

With Japan threatening to seize control of the Philippines during World War II, the United States military drafted Filipino men who were living in America. These brave men were called upon to serve their new homeland with pride and honor. The First Filipino Infantry of the United States Army was formed and sent to Samar to combat Japanese forces. It was during this historical and perilous time that Preciosisima first met one of those brave soldiers; a man named John Rigor Leano. The Japanese were defeated and World War II came to a merciful end.

Preciosisima began frequent and intense correspondence with John when he returned to the United States. After the exchange of countless letters, John went back to the Philippines to embrace fulfill destiny! Preciosisima and John were married on May 16, 1948 in Borongan, Eastern Samar. They have been blessed with four children: Gil, Johnpre, Jeanette and John Gil.

After migrating to the United States, Preciosisima briefly worked as a nurse's aid. She then had a long career at Digitran Company as an assembler of switch products for aerospace markets. Preciosisima was hard-working and excelled in her vocation. She enjoyed her employment there until her retirement in 1986. Those that truly knew Preciosisima shortened her birth name to "Precious". Perhaps her lengthy and multi-syllabic name proved to be too much of a tongue-twister.

Preciosisima lived in Pasadena, California for fifty years. One of her crowning achievements was finally becoming a grandmother for the first time in 2007 at the ripe old age of 85. Preciosisima found great strength in daily Bible reading and prayer. Her listening pleasure was found in Christian gospel music. She had fun baking in the kitchen or gardening in the yard. Her favorite recreational activity was doing word-search puzzles on the couch and in front of the television while watching "Jeopardy" followed by "Wheel of Fortune". Preciosisima's most cherished pastime was going out to eat professionally prepared meals in public restaurants with her family. She also enjoyed hugging people...she gave great hugs! Preciosisima was a faithful church member for many years at New Life Assembly of GOD in Pasadena. She was a faithful and loving wife; a caring and patient mother; a proud and doting grandmother. She served GOD and her family with relentless devotion. On May 14, 2012 at 10:45 a.m., Preciosisima Rivera Leano peacefully departed this earthly realm for her eternal home and Heavenly reward! She is predeceased by her children, Gil and Johnpre and her husband of 52 years, John Rigor Leano. She is survived by her children, Jeanette, John Gil and his wife Jing; her granddaughter Jacqueline; her brother, Jose Rivera and family; and numerous relatives, nephews and nieces from the Philippines.